If a product has been tested, approved and used by the Military and Government Institutions, you can be sure that it works.

OKO was the only tyre sealant to achieve a SEATO part number following extensive tests, leading also to NATO approval.

It is in use in theatre and support roles all around the world. The leading armed forces procurement websites feature OKO and it is on the first page of Google for military vehicle puncture prevention searches.

OKO has been trialled and used by (among others) forces of the UK, Australia, Nigeria, Morocco, Denmark, Finland, Jordan, Israel and Algeria and has seen service in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.

The advantages of Government Security and Military tyre prevention using OKO are:-

• Reduction in down-time in logistic vehicles;
• Limited protection from small arms fire and shrapnel;
• Reduced punctures in remote areas thus decreasing the threat of immobility;
• Improved availability in FIBUA;
• Improved availability to first line combat supplies;
• Greater efficiency for wheeled ambulances;
• Extension to tyre life – damage from running on a flat tyre can be avoided;
• OKO qualifies as non-dangerous air cargo;
• Flexible use in a wide span of ambient temperature conditions;
• In extreme circumstances, or ambush scenarios, vehicles’ chances of driving out of a situation will be improved dramatically.
• OKO is an important aid to military and security operations, particularly for use in theatre and other harsh conditions.
Fitting OKO is a “spend to save” measure even in peacetime and as a counter-terrorist measure.

The cost of equipping all tyres with OKO is recouped normally when ONE hole has been sealed.

The ONLY tyre sealant brand to be listed in the International Army Technology procurement site.

Given the ‘VEHICLE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AWARD’ by Security Industry e-Magazine for OKO’s continuous development of safety solutions for Military and Security applications

See the feature on OKO in Security Insider magazine, Q1 2015, which was distributed to 30,000 military and security market buyers.
OKO Sealant

OKO Sealant fixes punctures while you work
OKO Tyre sealants eliminate most puncture problems – instantly. OKO products are viscous fluids, designed to combat the costly inconvenience of suffering punctures when you really don’t need them.

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