Get-U-Home Kit

Car owners often have no spare wheel, or don’t want to change a wheel. The solution to their puncture emergencies is OKO Get-u-Home™:  It does exactly what it says.

NEW OKO Get-u-Home™ is safe for use with cars or other light 4 wheel vehicles: it is an emergency puncture repair system combining an award-winning digital air compressor and OKO’s special sealant. It seals most tread area punctures to 7mm, then you drive home or to the nearest tyre bay at reduced speed.  It is designed as a temporary solution to puncture problems, for low-speed driving (below 50 mph/ 80 km/h); and you must consult a tyre bay as soon as possible for a permanent repair or tyre replacement.

For a review of whats happening in this market see An afterthought by the OEM’s?

Video shows how to use the OKO Get-U-Home KIt. No words

OKO Sealant

OKO Sealant fixes punctures while you work
OKO Tyre sealants eliminate most puncture problems – instantly. OKO products are viscous fluids, designed to combat the costly inconvenience of suffering punctures when you really don’t need them.

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