An afterthought by the OEM’s?


Modern day cars are very complex and require huge attention to detail to maintain and increase customer satisfaction.

However, we believe that the OEM Mobility Kits to repair punctures are not fully thought through. 

Our opinion?     It’s just an ‘afterthought’. 

Yes the Compressor will work in an emergency but is not accurate enough to be used for regular use to check/correct tyre pressures when the tyres are ‘cold’ which is the optimum time to get the Manufacturers recommended tyre pressure for optimum tyre life.

It’s designed for just an emergency. No added value.

The Sealant is a generally a latex based product using ammonia to extend its life. Generally these sealants can only seal to 2-4mm in a car tyre and have an expiry date.  Generally 5 years. However, we purchased a competitor kit in August 2020, manufactured in late November 2018. In March 2022 it was found to be a solid block. What to do? Buy a new bottle of sealant when you’re stuck by the motorway 200kms from home?

So when a customer is actually able to use such a sealant, he will be asked to plug the bottle into the compressor so they do not come into contact with the latex. They get to the tyre shop and the tyre man takes a look at the unmounted tyre and says ‘Cannot fix lah!’

The tyre CAN be repaired, but the tyre man doesn’t want to spend 20+ minutes to clean out the latex, putting himself at risk of an allergic reaction to the latex. And the customer will pay him RM20-30?

The kit works for the customer, but latex based sealants generally only seal punctures 2-4mm.  

So the tyre is replaced.  When the tyreman checks the other tyre on the axle he sees that the tyre is more than 50% worn. His happy recommendation will be to change both tyres, because a new tyre and a heavily worn tyre leads to reduced handling safety.

For a relatively small ‘up-cost’ for a ‘no latex’ sealant and a quality compressor, Customer Safety and Satisfaction would be improved.

Key takeout points

– The customer could be presented with an unexpected bill for 2 tyres because of a small 2-4mm puncture

 – The Customer is protected from touching the sealant but the tyre technician has no such protection. No safety warning for him.

– The tyre is thrown away prematurely – it doesn’t help with  carbon reduction. Or it’s possibly repaired later and put into the used tyre dept. Not recommended.

Based on the OEM and Competitor products using latex we have produced a small card designed for a customer’s wallet, that advises the tyre man that ‘OKO does not use Latex and can be easily washed out. Please repair this tyre. Unless there is other damage that stops this happening’.

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OKO’s Get U Home Kit is now available at German Motors, a well-respected Auto Workshop for Audi, BMW, SMART & Mercedes Benz.

OKO’s Get U Home Kit is now available at German Motors

OKO’s Get U Home Kit is now available at German Motors, a well-respected Auto Workshop for Audi, BMW, SMART & Mercedes Benz. 

Both Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya branches.

Training on the Get-U-Home Kit, for the Service Receptionists has been carried out and the product has been well received by the Team. It’s an ideal product for those wanting to change from Run Flat tyres and customers wanting to replace the original OEM’s  ‘Mobility Kit’ using the old latex sealant technology. Customers using these kits often find that tyre shops will not repair the punctured/sealed tyre because of how difficult latex is to work with. So customers have to purchase 1 or possibly 2 new tyres.

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The Tyre Sealant drum application pump, with OKO part number 0000.13OK is being discontinued with immediate effect. The pump is being replaced with a stronger pump with additional features to help customers apply OKO to their tyres. It of course fits the existing 25 litre OKO drums.

The new pump is of a higher quality and is stronger, with metallic handles and shaft.

The pump allows customers to apply OKO at 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, 200ml or 250ml strokes instead of the previously fixed 200ml stroke; and it features a tap/valve that allows for stoppage of flow at the end of the hose.

Old OKO drum pump

  • Plastic handle, aluminium inner shaft, plastic outer shaft
  • Flexible armoured hose, clip on valve nozzle with no anti-drip tap 
  • Pumps 200ml with one downward stroke. Non-adjustable
  • Screws onto the OKO 25 litre drum spout
  • Boxed, with English/French instructions
  • Pumps against tyre pressure of 45 psi/ 3.1 BAR

New OKO drum pump

  • Aluminium handle, inner and outer shafts: plastic grip on handle. Greater strength: rust-free, washable construction retained
  • Compatible flexible armoured hose, heavier duty clip on valve nozzle including anti-drip valve and tap to control delivery better
  • Pumps 250ml with one full downward stroke. Has adjustable collar and markings in 50ml increments on inner shaft, to allow 50/100/150/200ml dosages for accurate delivery of tyre sealant
  • Screws onto the OKO 25 litre drum spout
  • Boxed, with multilingual instructions
  • Pumps against tyre pressure of 60 psi/ 4.1 BAR

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OKO Sealant

OKO Sealant fixes punctures while you work
OKO Tyre sealants eliminate most puncture problems – instantly. OKO products are viscous fluids, designed to combat the costly inconvenience of suffering punctures when you really don’t need them.

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