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Millions of cars are now being sold without spare wheels, so owners no longer have the ability to change a wheel when they get a puncture. Instead, the car companies offer an aerosol sealant spray in a can – which rarely works: the sealant is too weak to seal a normal hole and the air in the can is insufficient to reinflate the tyre. Or, the car manufacturer offers a kit with a compressor and a bottle of sealant. These OEM kits are usually very cheaply made – the compressor is not powerful enough and the latex based sealant has a shelf life –  just when you need it, it will not seal the hole; and the dealer will charge you (more than the cost of this whole OKO kit) to replace the bottle…

Then of course there are millions of drivers who do not know how to change a wheel, or do not want to.

Get-u-Home™ is a better solution in every way.

The Compressor:

There is no comparison with the machines used by most competitors, whose cheap compressors take many minutes and overheat when inflating car tyres, and are prone to early failure. They have the cheap, very inaccurate circular analogue dials. You have to monitor them, and switch them off at the right time.

The Get-u-Home™ compressor is powerful, inflating the average car tyre to 30 psi/2.1 BAR in 5 minutes without overheating. It is digital – you select exactly the pressure you need (in psi or BAR) and press Start: the compressor does the rest, inflating accurately to the right pressure and then turning off automatically. Simple: and perfect for ensuring all your tyres are correct according to vehicle manufacturer specifications. Regular use of the Get-u-Home™ compressor will lengthen your tyres’ life; save you money; optimise handling and security.

The unit includes a powerful LED lamp for night-time application, and the lamp can be switched to red flashing mode to warn approaching traffic.

Powered by the 12V auxiliary socket/ cigarette lighter in your car, the 3 metre cable is sufficient for most vehicles. And there are adapters that fit into the nozzle of the air line, so you can also use the unit to blow up balls, bike tyres and other inflatables.


The Sealant:

For the first time there is a puncture repair kit that features the World’s Favourite Sealant, made in the UK by OKO and on sale through distributors in over 100 countries.

Too many kits use feeble ‘me-too’ sealants that do not last in the bottle. They lose their sealing ability and often they separate so that the active ingredients sink to the bottom. When called upon to seal a hole in a tyre, they will not hold their seal. OKO lasts as long as your car does: and it is the strongest product available.

OKO provides a 400ml Get-u-Home™ bottle, to seal a hole of up to 7mm diameter in the tread area of a car tyre. (No sealant will seal a sidewall puncture). No measuring is required: simply unscrew the valve core (the remover is in the bottle cap) and squeeze in the whole bottle using the tube provided, (blow some air through the valve stem with the compressor hose if needed to clear it), replace the valve core and inflate using the compressor. Then drive off for a short distance: recheck the tyre pressure and top up if needed; then drive home (at up to 50 mph/80 km/hr) or to the nearest garage to replace the tyre safely.

Use of the Get-U-Home sealant could save you the cost of 1 or possibly 2 tyres compared to an OEM kit

How?  When you take the car to the tyre shop and the tyre man see’s the tyre has OEM latex based sealant in it, he will most likely say ‘Cannot repair lah!’  What he means is he doesn’t want to. Reasons?

1. Takes too long to clean out. 2. Tyre man may have an allergic reaction to handling the latex. Long term handling may induce asthma.

But just stop and consider the OEM’s puncture repair kit is designed so you the Customer never comes into contact with it. Not so much regard for the tyre repair shop guy.

So you need a new tyre. And if the other tyre on the axle is more than 50% worn, the tyre man will strongly recommend changing both tyres on that axle. So both tyres on the axle have to be replaced

It’s worth noting that the OEM sealant is stated to fix up to 4mm only.

So the OKO sealant will seal up to 7mm and will wash out with water and we give ou a card to show the tyre shop that OKO can be washed out. Please repair this tyre. Unless you find other damage that means the tyre should not be repaired.

Replacement 400ml bottles of Get-u-Home™ sealant are available so that the user can have a complete kit again, ready for the next emergency.

And of course the kit can be used to repair tyres/tubes on bicycles and motorbikes as well as other small vehicles:  so for all your family vehicles (and your footballs, inflatables etc…) all you need is a car auxiliary socket.

The Package:

OKO Get-u-Home™ is packaged in a zipped clear plastic pouch that is easy to stow in a car boot/trunk. Basic instructions are given in a wide range of languages, and there is a more detailed booklet in English.

A QR code on the packaging links, when scanned, to the OKO animated video which (without words, so it is suitable for any country) gives easy-to-follow instructions on using the kit to mend and reinflate your tyre.

Certifications and Approvals:

The compressor is certified with the CE and UKCA markings following documented safety testing.

OKO sealant is the only brand manufactured with full ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental, and ISO 45001 health & safety approvals.

OKO Get-u-Home™ is a registered trademark in all major countries.


Additional information

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  • No risk and safety labels or warnings are required since this product is not classified as hazardous under current regulations.
  • Normal safety precautions should be taken: wear gloves and protect eyes.
  • Rinse product off any clothes that it may be spilled upon.
  • Keep away from children.
  • If swallowed, see a doctor.


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